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On February 18 at roughly 20:55 GMT, NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover is predicted to the touch down on the Crimson Planet. The mission, which was launched seven months in the past, has been travelling for almost half a billion kilometres at greater than fifteen instances the velocity of a bullet.

Outfitted with 19 cameras and two microphones, the mission will probably be streamed on NASA’s YouTube web page beginning at 19:15 GMT. If the mission is profitable, a number of days later we are going to all be capable to watch HD footage of the landing on Mars, which is greater than 200 million kilometres away, from the consolation of our properties.

Missions to Mars

Perseverance is one in every of three separate missions arriving at Mars this month. On February 9, the United Arab Emirates grew to become the primary Arab nation to ship a probe round Mars to review its environment. The subsequent day, China’s Tianwen-1 mission accomplished its first profitable journey to a different planet in our photo voltaic system. The orbiter will spend a number of months analysing the floor of the planet earlier than deploying the primary non-American rover on Mars, which is scheduled for Could or June 2021.

The rationale why these missions are back-to-back has to do with orbit trajectories. Each two years, the orbits of Mars and Earth come nearer collectively, giving scientists a launch window that minimises price, time and vitality.

People have tried to succeed in Mars for the reason that 1960s. Since then, no less than 9 nations have tried 49 missions to Mars which embrace orbiters (fly across the planet), landers (stay stationary on the Martian floor) and rovers (transfer across the floor).

How distant is Mars?

Mars, just like the Earth, orbits the solar. Which means the gap between the 2 planets varies. At its closest, Mars and Earth are about 55 million km aside. The farthest they get is when the 2 planets are on reverse sides of the solar. At that distance, they’re greater than 400 million km aside. The present distance to Mars is about 200 million km.

House is crammed with plenty of vacancy. Simply how a lot? In 2014, a picture posted on-line confirmed that every one the planets within the photo voltaic system can match within the distance between the Earth and the Moon. To place that in perspective, proper now, Mars is greater than 500 instances farther than that.

Mars in contrast with Earth

Mars is about half the dimensions of Earth and the Moon is about half the dimensions of Mars. Of all of the planets within the photo voltaic system, Venus and Mars are essentially the most like Earth. A Martian day is simply over 24 hours, and since it’s tilted round its rotation axis, it has seasons like Earth does.

Your physique on Mars

To have people dwelling on Mars has been the dream of many area explorers for years. The fact is that until Mars’ environment and radiation ranges are drastically remodeled, surviving on Mars is past the capability of the human physique. On the intense aspect, you’d be almost half your age and fewer than half your weight for those who managed to get there. Your mass and Earth age would stay the identical, nevertheless.

The place are the Mars rovers

NASA at the moment has 4 rovers on the floor of Mars. Every was particularly positioned to review sure traits of the planet. The one energetic rover proper now’s Curiosity, which was deployed in 2012. It’s roughly 3,700 km (2,300 miles) away from Perseverance’s deliberate touchdown website. To place the touchdown websites in perspective, right here is the place the 4 rovers can be for those who may magically shrink down the Earth to suit on Mars.

Sojourner (1997) and Alternative (2004) can be off the coast of Africa, in the course of the Atlantic ocean. Spirit (2004) can be within the South Pacific Ocean, near Fiji. Curiosity (2012) can be in the course of the Papua jungles in Indonesia. Lastly, Perseverance (2021) can be someplace in Maharashtra State in India.

Earth overlaid on Mars

For those who ever puzzled how massive your continent can be in contrast with Mars, check out the map beneath. Virtually 70 % of the Earth is roofed with water. For those who eliminated that space, Earth and Mars would have roughly equal floor areas.

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