The Idea of Time Worth of Cash. The way it helps us to handle the money flows properly?


There’s a idea of finance that claims that there’s a ‘time worth of cash.’ It’s a kind of ideas which works as a basis of all cash administration.

However earlier than we are able to perceive the time worth of cash, we should know who ought to care about it. Theoretically talking, everyone seems to be affected by this idea. However virtually, there’s a sure part of individuals for whom it makes no distinction.

Who’re these individuals? Individuals who reside hand to mouth. These are individuals who spend nearly all the things that they earn every month. They will handle solely negligible financial savings out of their revenue. Learn: Tips on how to keep away from wage dependency?

For such individuals, data in regards to the time worth of cash is only a principle that has no relevance in actual life. Even when they wish to implement the idea in day-to-day life, they can not do it. Why? As a result of to do it, the particular person should first study the tips to save cash.

‘Time Worth of Cash’ Idea is Helpful For Whom?

Time Value of Money - Wealth Building

It’s helpful for individuals to whom constructing wealth is a precedence. Such persons are all the time conscious of the wrath of inflation on their buying energy. Therefore accordingly, these individuals judiciously save and in addition make investments their financial savings.

The target of investing the saved cash is to make it develop sooner. The expansion price have to be sooner than inflation. In a rising financial system like us, inflation is extra rampant and unpredictable. To beat inflation, enterprise dangerous investments is unavoidable. 

Now on this state of affairs, the ‘time worth of cash’ additionally performs its position. How? As a result of the sooner the revenue flows into our pockets, the earlier we are able to make investments it and make it develop.

Time Value of Money - Wealth Building - Time Factor

For instance, Suppose revenue was about to reach in a checking account in Jan’2021. However it reached solely in June’2021. What’s the impact of this delayed cost? The cash stays uninvested for six months. The cash neither grew, as an alternative, it turned devalued on account of inflation.

So we are able to say that we’re preventing two challenges right here. First is the battle of money flows. The sooner we obtain the cash, the higher. Second, to beat the wrath of inflation, we should make investments the cash properly within the dangerous proposition. The concept is to earn increased returns. 

Time Value of Money - Two Challenges

What’s the ‘Time Worth of Cash’?

Time worth of cash is a monetary idea which says that the price of cash depreciates with time. In easy phrases, Rs.100 at this time is extra worthy than will probably be one yr from now. Why? As a result of cash in hand at this time may be invested and therefore will yield future money flows.

Time Value of Money - 1Yr, 2Yr, 3 Yr

The above infographic is symbolic of a time-value of Rs.100. Assuming that the cash can develop at a price of 10% p.a., value of cash after the primary, second, and third-year are talked about. Tips on how to learn the above numbers? For instance, Rs.100 of at this time is equal to Rs.133 after three years from now.

What’s the utility of this idea for us? To know the use, let’s find out about it utilizing two examples.

Instance #1

Suppose you wish to purchase an actual property property value Rs.1.Zero Crore. It’s a new property for which the development will finish within the subsequent three years. The developer has proposed two cost phrases (see beneath). You want to know which cost time period is best for you.

Example 1 - Payment Terms

To make the computation easier, suppose you may have Rs.1.Zero Crore in money. It means you’ll not go for a financial institution mortgage. So when it comes to money flows, your functionality for cost time period #1 is about. Now, let’s test if cost time period #2 is appropriate or not. Tips on how to test it?

Earlier than we are able to go forward and do the calculations, we must reply a small query. How a lot funding return you possibly can absolutely generate for a time horizon of three years? Suppose your reply is 8.5% each year.

What’s going to occur in the event you make investments Rs.1.Zero crore in such an funding choice? Within the subsequent Three years, the corpus of Rs.1.Zero crore will develop into Rs.1.28 Crore.

Let’s attempt to perceive what is occurring. You could have chosen the second cost time period. So that you’ve paid nothing at this time for the property. As an alternative, you’ve invested your financial savings (Rs.1.Zero Crore) at 8.5% each year. Within the subsequent Three years, you should have Rs.1.28 Crore.

Now, what occurs after the third yr? You may make the cost of Rs.1.25 Crore for the property. After making the cost, you’ll nonetheless have Rs.Three lakhs as spare money. This manner, the second cost time period is extra worthwhile for you.

Examine the beneath matrix for the scale of corpus constructed at a unique price of funding returns. You may see, for funding returns beneath 8.0% each year, the primary cost time period is proving higher.

Investment Corpus at different Rate of returns

This can be a first instance of utility of the idea of time worth of cash utilizing which we have now discovered which cost various was higher.

Instance #2

Suppose there’s an funding plan which is asking you to speculate Rs.1.Zero Crore now. Upon funding, it’ll begin yielding a money influx from the seventh yr onwards. The money in-flow can be Rs.36 lakhs within the seventh, eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th yr (Rs.36 lakhs x 9 = Rs.3.24 Crores).

On the face of it, Rs.1.Zero crore changing into Rs.3.24 Crores in 15 years seems honest. However the right way to know this for sure? Tips on how to choose if this funding plan is value investing in or not?

Once more, begin with answering a query. How a lot funding return you’re certain to generate from another funding (for a time horizon of the subsequent 15 years)? Suppose your reply is 11% each year.

To evaluate the funding plan, we must calculate the current values (PV) of all future money flows. Calculation of Current Values may be achieved by assuming an acceptable discounting price. What would be the discounting price? It is going to be 11% each year as assumed above.

At this discounting price, if the sum of PV of all future money flows is greater than Rs.1.Zero crore, the funding plan is value a purchase.

Tips on how to calculate the Current Worth (PV)? It may be achieved utilizing the PV components of Excel. The PV components in excel seems like this:

PV Formula of Excel

Now lets use the PV components and calculate the current values of all future money flows occurring in 9 years as acknowledged above.

Present Value of Future Cash Flows - Formula

The above calculation exhibits that the sum of “Current Values” of all future money flows is Rs.106.6 Lakhs. It has arrived at a reduced price of 11% each year. As the current worth is greater than the funding quantity, therefore the funding plan is value contemplating.

[P.Note: The investment plan has made your money grow – Rs.1.0 crore became Rs.1.06 crore]

PV vs Investment Amount


The perfect utility of the time worth of cash is when the current worth of future money flows is calculated (as proven in instance #2). The extra staggered are the money flows, the extra advanced can be current worth calculations.

I’ll prefer to counsel a neater method of judging the funding plan that has advanced money flows. We are able to use the XIRR components of excel to do the maths.

Tips on how to do it? First, assume what funding returns you possibly can safely generate out of your most well-liked funding choice. Let’s assume it’s 12% each year.

As soon as that is achieved, we are able to go forward and plot all the long run money flows (as proven beneath). It will put together the Excel sheet for calculation of the return on funding (ROI) utilizing the XIRR components.

Time Value of Money - XIRR Formula

Lastly, we are able to examine the calculated ROI of the funding plan along with your protected price of return. If the XIRR of the funding plan is increased than your protected return assumption, the Plan is value investing-in.

The perfect use of the ‘time worth of cash’ idea is whereas estimating the intrinsic worth. The strategy we are able to use to do the calculation is Discounted Money Circulate (DCF) methodology. 

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